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Located in Old North Sacramento, Son of a Bean Coffee and Art is a unique addition to the Coffee & Art community.



Son of a Bean Coffee and Art opened December 2, 2013 here on Del Paso Blvd and is family owned and operated. Located in heart of the Woodlake community in Old North Sacramento. The Heartbeat of the Boulevard.

We support all artist that need a place to hang, show and sell their work with no commission or hang fees. Son of a Bean wants the Artist to show what people love to create, whether it be painting, sculpturing, drawing or photography. Supporting local businesses is very important to us. With locally roasted coffee from Chocolate Fish Roasting Co., even bringing the best from Sacramento's famous Gunthers Ice-cream to this unique community. We currently host Open Mic on the 1st & 3rd wednesday night where you can enjoy a glass of beer or wine and even grab a bite to eat with our guest caterer. Doors open at 7:30 pm - 10 pm.



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1029 Del Paso Blvd

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Monday - Friday  7am-3pm

Closing our doors in Nov 30


Stay tuned for out next location !


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Son of a Bean

Terry Kaufman  2016-12-14


It’s no coincidence that the logo for Son of a Bean is a big, bold “SOB.” This coffee house sits on an industrial stretch of Del Paso Boulevard and has a gritty, edgy vibe that fits the neighborhood perfectly. It also features some of the coolest art in the Sacramento region, a testament to the artistic sensibilities of Mike Chaves, its owner. 
Mike got pulled into the coffee business almost by accident. A colleague had purchased the buildings for development and thought a coffee shop would be a smart addition. “I was thinking along the lines of a gas station coffee shop,” he chuckles. “To me, coffee was instant powder that you stirred into hot water.” 
Three years later, Son of a Bean is pouring some of the best brews in town, featuring Chocolate Fish roasted coffee. “I learned everything I know from Chocolate Fish,” says Mike. Along the way, he brought in art from local artists and started a weekly music night. “Most coffee houses have some art on the walls, but we’re about 60/40 – 60% coffee, 40% art.” 
The clientele is almost as colorful as the art: commuters on their way to work in the city, construction workers stopping in for a morning coffee and burrito (house-made by Mike’s wife Angelica), young mothers whose kids want to play with the drum set. There is nothing pretend or pretentious here. 
“I didn’t want to be mainstream,” says Mike. His own resume is as diverse as his drink menu. He’s been a house painter, has owned a record label, has done photography for movie studios and sports teams, and even worked at the old GM plant in Fremont where one of his sons now helps assemble Teslas. Son of a Bean has been pretty much a one-man show since it opened, although Mike’s wife now oversees the food offerings, which include pastries, sandwiches and salads in addition to the burritos. 
That means that when they’re not around – he’ll be doing photography at the Warner Brothers lot in LA over the holidays – you’ll have to get your coffee fix elsewhere. When they’re back in town, stop in and try the signature “Dirty SOB” or, if you’re not adventurous, their wonderful Mexican mocha. Then come back Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 10 for live music, food, and more adult beverages. 
As he grows his business, Mike never forgets his bread and butter: the regulars who come in every morning, expecting “the usual.” “They want to feel that this is their place, so I try to have their drink ready whenever possible.” He also hopes to promote Son of a Bean by asking visitors from distant places to take one of his t-shirts and send him a photo from their location. You can now see SOB shirts on soldiers in Afghanistan, a soccer player in Argentina, and a businessman in Japan.  
After you visit Mike at Son of a Bean, you’ll be flattered when someone calls you an “SOB.”


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